DigiMate II-plus Review

I had been looking for a "Image Tank" for about a month.  I was looking for something affordable and simple.  Along comes the DigiMate II-plus.  I found a place selling this device that I have enjoyed purchasing from before without any hassles so I decided to give it a try.  I purchased this from http://www.mwave.com.  It came with a 30GB hard drive installed for $99.  That's hard to beat.

The positives:

  • cheap
  • simple
  • small
  • multiple formats
  • bright display

The negatives:

  • no "double check" for files - it only shows percent transfer with no way to check that the files actually transferred
  • not overly rugged feeling (although it has a rubberized outer casing)
  • I still can't figure out who makes this device
  • since I don't know who makes it, support could be problematic

The box cames looking pretty similar to this but not exactly the same.


The contents were exactly like this.  It includes screws, screwdriver, driver CD, USB cable, manual and carrying pouch.

The unit is simple with only two buttons on the front.  One for POWER and one for COPY.  The power button looks like the standard round symbol with a line up through the top.  The other button looks like a standard "PLAY" arrow that does the copying.

This picture shows the right hand side of the unit and the CF/MD slot.

Also on the face there is a black area near the bottom.  This is an LED that lights up RED when the USB cable is connected.

This picture shows the left side of the unit where SD, MMC, MS Pro, SM and XD media can be inserted.  It also shows the USB connection and the power conneciton.

This picture shows the fact that a Hard Drive is connected and that it is 29GB in size.  Also that you have a full battery charge.

When you connect other devices they show up here.  It also shows transfer % and size of files used on your media.

For your convenience I scanned the manual.  I have posted it in PDF format and also in JPG format for each page.  The PDF does not include all the images but it does include some.  My OCR program is rather old and doesn't always handle pictures well and I didn't feel like dealing with it.

DigiMate II-plus.pdf  
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
Page 7

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